West Midlands Police’s scheme to highlight to drivers the dangers of passing to close to cyclists to be rolled-out nationwide

Written by on July 9, 2018

THE GOVERNMENT has backed plans to roll out the West Midlands Police’s Close Pass scheme to educate drivers on the importance of giving cyclists enough room on the roads.

Cycling Minister MP Jesse Norman announced plans to provide training materials and support for police forces looking to adopt the project.

West Midlands Police launched Operation Close Pass two years ago to warn motorists about overtaking cyclists safety and prosecuting reckless drivers who endangered the lives of vulnerable road users.

It was the first scheme of its kind in the UK and coincided with a 20 per cent reduction in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on West Midlands’ roads.

Several other police forces have now embraced the operation and Mr Norman is keen to see more regions put Close Pass into operation.

Among the operations have been officers cycling on bikes and when they are passed dangerously by cars, they have reported them to colleagues who have pulled motorists over.

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