The return of the thunderstorms!

Written by on May 30, 2018

Thunderstorms are very likely to hit Birmingham again tomorrow after flash floods earlier this week.

The Met Office

Birmingham is to be hit again by thunderstorms tomorrow as the city will be swept by strong winds and drenched with heavy, thundery showers.

Tomorrow will start with mist and fog in most places of the city especially the more rural areas. Slowly brightening up for some sunny spells with highs of 24 celsius.

Scattered heavy shows shortly followed through by thunderstorms will likely hit Birmingham early evening around 4pm according to The Met Office.

Birmingham was pummelled with heavy rain and spectacular lightning strikes on Sunday but it looks likely that these conditions are not yet behind us.

Fire crews were left stretched on Sunday when they were deployed to more than 100 incidents in just four hours between 4.30pm and 8.30pm on Sunday afternoon.

The storm began just after 11pm and raged on through the night and some areas even saw further storms during Monday morning.

Forecasters are predicting much of the same for tomorrow afternoon and will likely last up to five hours from 4pm.

Temperatures will cool down from 9pm to still quite a warm 19C.

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