Story of 82 chihuahuas nursed back to health at Frankley RSPCA to feature on Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers

Written by on June 27, 2018

THE STORY of an RSPCA inspector finding 82 chihuahuas in a Birmingham home will feature on Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers tonight.

The dogs were found at a home in Washwood Heath in April.

RSPCA inspector Hercy Boal was shocked at the discovery  and, after being found the animals were taken to the Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital in Frankley Green, where the staff worked tirelessly to ensure the dogs, some of which had burns or fleas, received treatment.

The late house owner and her husband Stephen originally started out with two dogs, Blue and Tinkerbell, but after waiting four years to get the dogs neutered the couple inadvertently became owners of 82 chihuahuas.

It was apparent the situation had gone further than intended and the dogs were found in appalling conditions.

Inspector Boal said: “The house looked like an earthquake had hit it.

“The house was too hazardous and the dogs couldn’t stay there, it was filthy and cramped.”

Some of the dogs proved ‘completely unhandleable’ but Insp Boal but said it was clear the dogs really loved their owners.

Two of the chihuahuas were returned to their owner Stephen and ‘were like different dogs and were so much happier’.

The story will feature on the returning Channel 5 series when it airs at 7pm tonight.

The RSPCA hope it will remind owners to neuter their pets and illustrate the dangers of not doing so.

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