South Birmingham model paraded through Milan as part of ‘body positive catwalk’ event

Written by on March 8, 2019

A SOUTH Birmingham model has been walking through Milan as part of a ‘body positive catwalk’ event to campaign against bullying, exclusion, minorities and to promote diversity.
There were thousands of onlookers who surrounded Ava Fay Thompson and the other 100 women and men from all over the world who had gathered in the piazza Duomo.
In Ava’s group of three she was pleased to find another Brummie model – Aurelia Isaac and another Brit Angela Quinones from London.

Photograph by Luca Ponti. s

Ava said: “We undress against prejudice
“We preceded to undress and strut and half naked bodies down the centre of the audience!
“I was fortunate to meet two other ladies from UK who also happened to be the only other women over 40 years old!”

Photograph by Luca Ponti. s

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