Oliver Armstrong elected in Northfield

Written by on May 6, 2018

Cllr Oliver Armstrong (Lab)
Cllr Oliver Armstrong (Lab)

After a long campaign, newcomer Oliver Armstrong is elected councillor for Northfield

On May 4th it was announced that Oliver Armstrong had beaten Randal Brew (Cons) by a huge 378 votes in a closely fought constituency.

Read what Oliver had to say following his election:

“I am thrilled that the people of Northfield have chosen me as their council representative. I want to continue to build on the energy and positivity of our campaign to help work by, for and with the people of Northfield. We have worked tirelessly to listen, respond and act upon anything you’ve raised on the doorstep, on Phone or by email, but if you’ve raised anything we haven’t sorted yet, do remind me on [email protected] and I’ll get straight on it (after a couple of days rest with my family!)”

South Birmingham Radio contacted Randal Brew for comment but haven’t received a response as yet.

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