Birmingham tops the table in ‘UK’s Greenest City’ research

Written by on October 22, 2018

BIRMINGHAM has come top in a study looking at the most greenest cities in the UK.

The research was carried out by Jury’s Inn, using data from map provider the Ordnance Survey.

It found Birmingham had 15.58 per cent of the city made up of green space. Nottingham was second, Glasgow third, Manchester fourth and Liverpool fifth.

Birmingham did not score so highly however in the follow-up data which looked at the size of the populations each city had using the amount of green space available.

Birmingham dropped to sixth place in that chart with 1m2 of green space for every 273 people.

Taking the top spot was Newcastle upon Tyne, with 1m2 of green space for every 83 people. Over the years, various studies have shown how access to green space can have a noticeable impact on wellbeing.

As well as physical benefits through encouraging excerise, green space has also been linked with improving mental health, encouraging social interaction and reducing stress levels.

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