B30 Foodbank reaches milestone, thanks to your help

Written by on October 2, 2018

LAST month the amount of food given out by the B30 Foodbank reached the quarter of a million kilogramme mark.

The foodbank, based in Cotteridge, was launched five years ago and the amount of food handed out is estimated around £440,000 (around 1million meals).

Foodbank founder Roger Collins praised the community for providing the support for the most vulnerable in society, saying it was incredible to have reached the milestone.

“I think it’s absolutely incredible that we’ve reached this landmark, if you bear in mind all that food has been given voluntarily.

“People’s commitment to dealing with those in these terrible situations is fantastic.”

Those who run the foodbank said none of it would be possible without the donations.

In the five years since the foodbank in Cotteridge opened, that means we have given out around one million meals at an estimated value of £440,000.

In its first year, about 2,600 people were provided with a three-day supply of emergency food at the foodbank.

However, since then demand has increased and in the last 12 months, 8,500 people have needed support.

Now, the foodbank sometimes provides 1,500kg of food in a single week.

As of last week, a total of 251,925kg has gone out in five years.

The Foodbank said it could not offer the service it did without its support from the community, including Northfield Baptist Church and Riverside Church in Bournville and the many schools including us in their Harvest Festival celebrations. Thanks to you all.

Roger added: “It is very depressing bearing in mind the foodbank shouldn’t be there in the first place.

“There are gaping chasms in the welfare state. It is not supporting those in real need.”

Visit https://www.facebook.com/B30foodbank/ for more information.

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