EXCLUSIVE: Shaun Wallace calls for Rubery Library to be saved.

Written by on November 11, 2018

IN A SOUTH BIRMINGHAM RADIO EXCLUSIVE Shaun Wallace attends Rubery Library with Cllr. Peter McDonald to show the importance of keeping local libraries open, not just around the county, but the whole country.

This comes after Worcester County Council announced a 90-day consultation which has spurred rumours that Catshill and Rubery Library may face the chop.

Shaun Wallace, from ITV’s The Chase, was in the South Birmingham Radio studio today (11th November) promoting his new autobiography, Chasing The Dream, when it was raised in conversation about the petition to save Rubery Library.
After regular listener of The Rock’n’Roll Breakfast Show, Samantha Bache (avid bookworm and Rubery resident), suggested Shaun may want to sign the petition – Shaun jumped at the chance.

Shaun stated that local libraries are one of the major foundations to his successful career, going on to say, that he still researches for cases and quizzes in his local library today.

Alex Metcalfe and Jordon Manders from Rock’n’Roll Breakfast contacted Cllr. Peter McDonald to meet Shaun and the show team at the library with a petition form which Shaun happily signed and had the following to say in a video outside Rubery Library:


Yesterday (10th November) around 50 residents turned up to protest the potential closure of Rubery Library.

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Shaun Wallace attended a full FOUR HOUR live interview with The Rock’n’Roll Breakfast Show team. Listen again on the player below, Spotify, MixCloud or PodBean.



I suppose my love of libraries stems from my love of reading books at a very young age. Ever since I was able to read, Ive always wanted read about information that helped me to understand the world that I live in. The first library that I ever went to was the one at the end of my road and I used to spend a great deal of time there doing my homework whenever I was required to do my research.
The library will always have a special place for me because it was where I began my initial research when I was preparing for Mastermind in 2004.
I don’t visit libraries as often as I did in the past but I still go from time to time and whenever I do go, more often than not, I will usually find myself browsing through the History section.
Despite the ever increasing rise of resorting to going on-line to research and access information and material on account of its speed and convenience, so far as I am concerned the library will always be the best to read and research information and despite the gradual increase in terms of the number of library closures in the UK, libraries still have an important role to play in the heart of any community as a place where one can educate and develop one’s mind. – Shaun Wallace.

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