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Written by on February 19, 2019

Introducing our competition winner!

Hear from Lisa, the founder of Create Well Lives:


My name is Lisa and I have founded Create Well Lives to offer straight forward advice, support and guidance to help create emotional balance in the lives of individuals, young and old, to empower and enjoy a better life balance.

Who am I? Well, I will use a few words that others say describe me well; ‘honest’, ‘transparent’, ‘passionate’, ‘punk spirited’, ‘straight talker’, ‘positive’, ‘generous of spirit’, ‘dog lover’, ‘a reader’, ‘a thinker’, ‘a coffee drinker’!

I am also a parent to a teen. A mentor, a coach, an active young people practitioner, bereavement counsellor, an advocate of self-care and promoter of good mental health strategies.

I am on a mission to share my knowledge and tools and equip young people and adults with the wherewithal they need to survive in this mad world we live in.

I would encourage you to contact me for a no obligation chat to see if I can impart my knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to help you better support yourself and those around you and in so doing create a more fulfilling life.


As an active young people practitioner, I have over ten years’ experience of working within National charities supporting young people’s emotional well-being, offering 121 support, facilitating groups and delivering high quality training.

So, what inspires me? The world we live in is stressful and unrelenting at times and young people are less resilient than those of my generation. They are less able to cope when things go wrong and use risky behaviour to manage difficult feelings and pressures. I work with young people to identify strengths and focus on how they can build on these to become resilient and confident individuals.


My insights into large organisations show that the modern workforce is stressed, lacks motivation and experiencing high levels of sickness absence. Employees do not cope well with change in a time that organisations need to evolve and diversify to keep businesses competitive. I am a welcoming face that can work with the whole team to create harmony and bring everyone on board, building resilience and strategies for success.

How to contact

On t’interweb:

On Facebook.

And finally by one of those fancy digital telegrams: [email protected]

Where Create Well Lives are based:


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